Wickens Shot Blasting Solutions

Established in 1980, Wickens Industrial has built a solid reputation as a service company specializing in surface preparation with ISO9001:2000 designation.

Wickens Industrial Limited is a diverse, full service, surface treatment solution provider of cleaning, peening, washing, deburring and deflashing services to industry. Our full-service approach offers complete coverage for all surface preparation needs, with the ability to assist customer migration to the most effective and efficient methods:

Wickens Industrial Shot Products and Services

  • Electronics Inc.® Almen products distribution
  • Air and airless system aftermarket parts distribution
  • Design-build process specific air and airless shot blast equipment
  • Design build site specific dust collection equipment
  • Refurbish / Rebuild both air and airless shot blast and dust collection equipment
  • In-plant trade services – short runs, concept proving, fast turn around, large on going runs

Versatile Services

  • No job is too small or large; too complex or simple – we can use one technician, or involve a team
  • We have the technical, financial and human resource strengths for special projects; from process design, to delivery and administration.

Almen Products

Wickens Industrial is a Canadian Distributor for Electronics Inc.

Almen Strips, Almen Gages and Magna Valves®Our parts people and technical staff will be happy to discuss your needs and offer advice on products to make your shot peening process repeatable and to specifications.With Electronics Inc. Almen strips and gauges the most precise requirements become second nature. Call today for price and availability.1-888-900-0086 and ask for the Shot Peening professionals.

Aftermarket Parts

We carry a full line of OEM and replacement parts in stock and are Canadian distributors for:

  • AstechT
  • Sure Alloy Steel Corp.
  • Electronics Inc. – Almen Strips, Almen Gages and Magna Valves®

Our parts people are very experienced and working together with our technical representatives, technicians and utilizing our extensive part manual library we can find the part you need.

We do complete overhauls and retrofits for most makes of shot blast, shot peening and dust collection equipment. This includes upgrades and custom modifications.

We can also handle your equipment design, manufacture and fabrication, using OEM parts or their equivalent.

Our excellence in troubleshooting your problem will give you the solution that works. Plus we have a 24-hour, seven day a week capacity for delivery, installation and emergency service.

Surface Preparation

ISO 9001:2000 Surface Preparation Facility

Ideally located on the WINDSOR – TORONTO corridor, Wickens Industrial presently serves customers in the automotive, marine, aeronautical, and spring  supply industries and can provide seamless shot blast, shot peening and metal preparation to your specifications.

Surface preparation services currently provided by Wickens Industrial are:

  • Aluminum Diecast
  • deflash
  • blending
  • Metal Stampings
  • de burr
  • polish
  • Foundry
  • pre-finish cleaning
  • Drop Forge
  • de-scaling
  • Shot Peening
  • stress relief
  • strengthening
  • longevity increase

We provide an efficient 24-hour turnaround time. You also have the option of our pick-up and delivery service.

Equipment Services

Complete Equipment Overhaul / Retrofit Services

Under this division, we purchase and sell new, used and rebuilt equipment. We carry a full line of Pangborn parts in stock to meet your needs and are distributors for Astech and Sure Alloy Steel Corp.We do complete overhauls and retrofits for most makes of shotblast and dust collection equipment. This includes upgrades and custom modifications.

We can also handle your equipment design, manufacture and fabrication, using OEM parts or their equivalent.Our excellence in troubleshooting your problem will give you the solution that works. Plus we have a 24-hour, seven day a week capacity for delivery, installation and emergency service.

In Plant Trade Services

By employing a full range of industrial trades, and working closely with local resources, we can handle shot blast, shot peening and dust collector turnkey projects of all sizes and complexity. The following is a list of the trade services we offer:

  • Shot Blast, Shot Peening and Dust Collector Installations
  • Millwrighting
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Ducting Design and Installation

New, Used and Rebuilt Equipment

We carry a full and diverse inventory

Wickens Industrial carries several pieces of equipment in stock, set up and operational, ready for delivery and installation. We also have many pieces waiting for a customer so that they can be customized for a specific application.Under this division, we purchase and sell new, used and rebuilt equipment.

For quotations on the equipment listed or if you do not see what you are looking for below, please call 1-888-900-0086.

Shotblast Equipment In-stock


Quantity Make Model Style Condition
1 Pangborn 80 6LK-4 6′ Table c/w 180-RK curved vane wheel Very Good
1 Pangborn 8LK1-732 8′ roto-table new soft start wheel motors Very Good
1 Guyson 2 nozzle suction Tumble Basket Table Very Good
1 Wheelabrator 2 wheel Spinner Hanger Good
1 Wheelabrator 27 x 36 Steel mill Running
1 Wheelabrator TBS 6 Tumblast Excellent
1 Mod-U-Blast 4836 P Hand cabinet Excellent
1 Blastworks Multi nozzle Table Excellent
1 Wheelabrator 27 x 36 MS Flight/link assy Excellent
2 WIL 2,500 cfm Cartridge Dust Collector New
1 WIL 8′ x 8′ x 20′ Air Blast Room complete w bucket conveyor and dust collector Very Good
3 Compaire HV 45 50 HP 200 cfm 8.5 bar Rotory Vane compressor Integral Air to Air chiller Very Good
2 MacAir HX150A 220v / 60hz Refrigerant Air Dryer Very Good
1 SMC PDE60-S Refrigerant Air Dryer Excellent
Updated: March 31, 2016

Job Shop Surface Preparation FAQ

At Wickens Industrial Limited, what surface preparation processes are performed?

All our processes treat a material using external mechanical means – there is always an energy conversion at the surface. Propelling an abrasive media with hard sharp edges can remove material when it collides with the surface. Propelling a spherical media, fully rounded, can compress the surface material relieving stress, or redistributing it. If hard media is vibrated against a softer surface it can produce polishing or smoothing effects. And if softer rounder media is propelled at loose dirt, oil and other surface contaminants, it can produce cleaning effects without a change in the underlying appearance.

What is the difference between shot blasting and blast cleaning?

We accept that many people use these terms to mean the same thing yet there is a technical difference. Both involve accelerating small particles of relatively hard matter (like steel, glass and grit) to a high velocity, and aiming it at a less hard surface. To some, shot blasting is a process to remove loose surface contaminants, like rust or dirt. To others it means shot peening: the compression of an outer layer of surface material to make it resistant to fatigue and surface corrosion. In some cases, blast cleaning means removing a small layer of good material to give a subsequent coating or weld a better grip on the surface.

Is shot peening the same as shot blasting?

These are unlike processes applied to achieve different results. The only similarities are basic: each is a process of propelling media at a high velocity to strike a surface. Shot peening however requires control over a consistent size and shape of media, a consistent velocity of media, a consistent volume of media striking each surface area, and for a consistent length of time. Careful controls yield consistent and repeatable results that are not measurable visually. Blast cleaning is ordinarily less controlled, therefore less expensive, and results can usually be assessed visually.

What is the best media to use on our part?

The answer depends on the result desired, the surface hardness of the material being treated, and the aesthetics desired for the treated part. Wickens Industrial carries many varieties of media, in many sizes and hardness’s: steel shot, stainless (conditioned) cut wire shot, glass bead, aluminum oxide, plastic, baking soda, wheat starch, and of course dry ice (CO2).

How do results get measured?

Shot peening can be measured using expensive means (such as with X-ray analysis) both destructively and non-destructively. The most widely accepted, non-destructive, commercially acceptable measurement involves use of Almen methods. Wickens Industrial uses nothing but Electronics Inc. ® Almen products – very simply the best in the world. Other blast treatments are generally measured visually: most often as a result of testing and customer assessment. All treatments are carefully controlled and documented like a recipe, for reliable, consistent and repeatable results.

When is an airless treatment better than an air-based process?

Airless treatments use centrifugal wheels from manufacturers like Bronco™, Goff®, Pangborn® and Wheelabrator™. Centrifugal wheels rotate much like a cooling fan with blades: allowing media placed at the centre of the wheel, to roll along each spinning “blade” gathering velocity. Once the media rolls off the end of the blade, it is moving at maximum velocity until the surface is struck: when impact occurs. This is an excellent method to “blast” lots of media in a short time, but in order to “roll”, the media must be round, or nearly so. Air-based systems use compressed air to accelerate each particle of media to the desired velocity. The media and air is directed using hoses and nozzles for aim. A single nozzle “blasts” less media than a single wheel. In both cases, blasting makes media travel in a straight line. If the surface has a complex shape, sometimes nozzles, used only with air, have to be used to aim at all required angles. To use media that is not generally round requires air-based systems. Similarly, low-mass media like dry ice must use air for propulsion. Wickens Industrial uses both systems in their surface treatment facility, allowing a flexible solution best suited to the customer requirement.

How can we find the best treatment for our part?

Experimentation. Where it has not been previously determined, reputable job shops can suggest a range of treatments that provide a range of results. Wickens Industrial in consultation with the customer will determine whether centrifugal wheels, direct pressure or suction-style nozzles will achieve the best results.

What materials and surfaces can be blast treated?

Wickens Industrial has provided surface preparation processes on ferrous metals, alloys, aluminums, stainless steels, sheet metals, spun metals, castings, wire forms, powdered metals, plastics, stampings, welds, and extrusions.

What makes Wickens Industrial different from other job shops?

We know we have to provide value to our customers. They tell us we are competitively priced, turn jobs around quickly, and complete their jobs by the promised times. Our surface preparation shop is ISO 9000:2001 certified to assure consistent quality and service. We also know there are few competitors who offer blast cleaning, shot peening, mass finishing, in one-stop. Some of our customers have asked us to help with transition from job shop to in-house capability – a solution we are happy to provide.